Enis Erdem Yurdatapan - People Connector, Event Organizer, Community Builder, Startup Mentor, Podcaster on Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

I was born in 1993 in Kocaeli/Turkey. I graduated from METU Statistics Department in 2017 and started working for ING Turkey as an International Talent Program member at IT Department. I have been the part of ING Innovation Center Team and I am responsible for organizing events that are related with entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, meeting with entrepreneurs in line with ING's priorities since December 2018. Apart from my main job at ING, I am working for University4Society, Startup Grind and Facebook Developer Circles Istanbul as a community lead and I am managing community's of these organizations. Therefore, I am cofounder of EntreCom that lists all startup ecosystem stakeholders in Turkey. I think that I have entrepreneurship spirit and my biggest aim is having startups that make benefits to global society. 


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